Oasis and La Arquilla

San Lucas | Guatemala

Oasis is a community of family-style homes for Guatemalan girls who are victims of sexual abuse. After being rescued by local authorities, the girls are sent to Oasis under court-ordered protection. Fifty girls live at the Oasis and another fourteen young mothers and sixteen infants and toddlers live in safety and have a place to heal from horrific abuse or forced child labor. We also work with many more girls who have been reunited with their families over the past three years. read more »

Hope Changes Everything at Oasis and La Arquilla

Hope Changes Everything at Oasis and La Arquilla

Maria* came to Oasis from tremendous pain and trauma. Not only was she fatherless, but her mother lived a dangerous life unsuitable for raising children, and they were often living on the streets. This left her vulnerable to predators who hurt her badly. When she arrived, her deep pain caused her to fight, yell, experience night terrors, and wet the bed. At her worst, she physically threatened the Oasis staff. But we knew that Maria was not too broken to be healed by a gracious God, so we continued to offer her safety, love, and tangible support.

Soon we began to notice small changes in her, especially in how she dealt with her problems. Instead of fighting, she was willing to talk. Instead of hating, she started to worship God. And she finally asked Jesus to come into her life and was baptized. Maria was being transformed by hope! Eventually we were able to locate a relative that was willing to give her a stable, loving home, and we decided that this was the best place for her to live. Even though she is now living with family, she continues to receive our support, and we are hopeful about her future. Her progress is a testimony to the power of the Gospel lived out by people willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

*name changed to protect privacy

Partner with Oasis and La Arquilla

Site Partnership allows for services that reach beyond the basics of what Child Sponsorship provides, supplying resources for trauma training and therapy, nutritionists, social workers, educational counselors, discipleships, and more.

Life at Oasis & La Arquilla

Christian house parents provide a loving, safe environment for these rescued girls. Quality education and trauma-focused therapy help them adjust to life away from their abusers and begin to rebuild their lives.

How Kids Alive Cares for the Children

Rescuing Children

  • Caring for orphans and children in family-style settings
  • Providing Christian caregivers
  • Addressing physical, spiritual, and emotional needs

Giving the Gift of Education

  • Meeting individualized academic needs
  • Providing educational guidance
  • Encouraging secondary education and vocational training

Strengthening Communities

  • Meeting community needs to build strong ties
  • Addressing health care and disease prevention
  • Creating micro-enterprise solutions for economic development