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Dar El Awlad Children’s Home and School
New Horizons Care Center
Oasis Refugee Center



Lebanon continues to be a place of instability, uncertainty, and great need. Over the past few years, more than a million refugees from Syria have fled from their homes and across the Lebanese border to escape the civil war. One in four children in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee, and many of them have suffered great emotional and physical trauma.

Though we had hoped that 2018 would see an easing of the refugee crisis in Lebanon, tensions in Syria are still escalating, which means that repatriation of refugees is dangerous and nearly impossible. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children have no access to education in Lebanon, due to outright denial, lack of funds, harsh regulations, and overcrowded schools. And Syrians in Lebanon often fear for their safety, as calls for violence in a politically unstable environment are a constant reality.

Kids Alive is currently working toward adding 70 students to our education program for the 2018-2019 school year. This will also allow us to provide support and a Christian witness to their struggling families. Our goal is to care for each child’s physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs, offering hope and help where most needed.

Despite the incredible obstacles we face in this country, we know without a doubt that God is at work. In addition to offering children shelter, nutritious food, and education, we have seen growth in many areas of our ministry this year. Adding skills-based classes, seeing graduates of our programs go on to university, and witnessing spiritual growth in our students are all ways we see hope transforming lives in Lebanon.


Kids Alive Lebanon Sites

Dar El Awlad Children's Home and School 

For 70 years, Dar El Awlad has provided for the needs of vulnerable children in Lebanon. Boys who have been orphaned or have no one to meet their basic needs live in family style apartments where we offer them shelter, food, medical care, and quality education. House parents lovingly provide care and guidance, with the hope of making it feel like a real home for the boys.

New Horizons Care Center

New Horizons Care Center is located in the town of Zahrani in southern Lebanon. The families we work with are from poor Gypsy and Bedouin communities, and most live in tents constructed of plastic, iron, and wood. With only limited access to basics, they often have no water or electricity. Very few have had any formal education, which means illiteracy is common.

Oasis Refugee Center

In the past few years, more than a million refugees from Syria have fled from their homes and across the Lebanese border to escape the civil war. Often these displaced people have ended up in makeshift camps, with very limited access to shelter, food, water, shoes, and clothing.

A Day In The Life

In a land where poverty, violence, and discrimination are common, the girls and boys we encounter have little hope for bright futures. Your generous sponsorship helps us bring the light of the Gospel to vulnerable children, trusting that God will transform them and their families.


of poor children graduate from high school


of population lives below the poverty level


refugees have come here from even poorer countries

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Child Birthday:


Child Birthday:

  • Healing from extreme trauma for the Syrian refugee children
  • Wisdom for adjusting the program to meet the needs of underserved adolescent refugees
  • Protection of children and staff

Hope Changes Everything...

Site partnership also allows for services that reach beyond the basics of what child sponsorship provides, supplying resources for trauma training and therapy, nutritionists, social workers, educational counselors, discipleship, and more.