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Kids Alive reaches out to vulnerable children where they are and works to meet their unique needs.

Kids Alive International rescues girls and boys, one at a time, out of some of the worst conditions imaginable. Many are orphans…others are from broken homes…some have intact families but live in such desperate poverty that their parents cannot even feed them, much less educate them or provide health care. Each child receives the treatment appropriate to his or her needs.

Residential Children’s Homes

For orphans and other severely at-risk children, we provide care in family-like settings. Loving Christian house parents care for these children, meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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Care Centers

We provide for the essential needs of children who have families but need  support in order to remain in their own homes. Loving caregivers provide nutritious food, medical treatment, and a consistent Christian witness.

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Kids Alive Schools

Quality education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and building successful lives for our children. Our Schools equip children to change their communities from the inside out and become tomorrow’s leaders.

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Medical Clinics

We provide medical evaluation, monitoring, and treatment for the boys and girls in our programs, allowing them to grow strong, attend and excel in school, and share the benefits of health with their families and communities.

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Community Outreach

Communities face challenges: war, famine, natural disasters, refugees. Our Community Outreach programs are addressing needs that can’t be met by our primary ministries of Residential Homes and Care Centers.

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Keeping Families Together

Some families love their children but don’t have the resources to feed and care for them. When possible, Kids Alive provides support to allow the family to stay together by caring for the needs of the child and the family.

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