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Are you ready to see what missionary opportunities God might have for you? Do you love Him and want to serve Him by being the hands and feet of Jesus to some of the world’s most vulnerable children? Do you want to use your passions and abilities to advance His kingdom on earth?

Then let’s talk about the exciting and challenging work of being a Kids Alive missionary!

Our missionaries are simply men and women who love Jesus Christ and desire to use their skills, gifts, and passions to bring hope to hurting children. They are a part of teams made up of other cross-cultural missionaries and national Christian staff.

Worldwide, about 1 in 10 of the Kids Alive staff members in our fields are missionaries. Sent from the USA, Canada, and the UK, these support-raising missionaries fill strategic roles to help expand and improve our service to the children and communities we serve as they work alongside of our national staff teams.

Your time, talent, and treasure

With the support and training of our organization, missionaries raise their own financial support to serve overseas. Missionaries serve for initial commitments of 2-3 years and then undergo a review process to decide whether to continue serving with us or to return to life in their home country.

Put your gifts to work

Whether you have unique gifts or interests in teaching, accounting, photography, writing, medicine, or construction – you will find exciting ways to put those gifts to use working with Kids Alive.

Upon returning, the unique skills our missionaries learn on the field often give them an edge in finding their next employment or ministry opportunity. Serving with us may bring experience and training far beyond your original job description!

So, how do missionaries serve? Some missionaries come to serve a specific role we have already created, and some missionaries come to us with a vision, and we create a role for them. To see some specific roles we are looking to fill, go to our Career Opportunities Page.

Below are some examples of roles that our missionaries perform. Do any of these sounds like something you could do? If you have a passion to serve in a way that’s not listed, contact us to see if we can create a position for you!

Journalism/Media and Communications

Skilled communicators, who will quickly find that their skills are highly needed on our fields, bridge the gap between what’s happening on the field and the partners supporting the work from afar. They help make the work on the field tangible and compelling for child sponsors, donors, and Service Team members. These missionaries become:

  • Media and communications specialists
  • Sponsorship coordinators and assistants
  • Communications assistants
  • Project communications managers

Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Care

Counselors, therapists, discipleship staff, and those in child or youth ministry refresh and empower our national staff and help our kids heal and grow. These missionaries become:

  • Counselors for staff and/or children in our ministries
  • Missionary and staff care coordinators
  • Spiritual formation staff, such as discipleship coordinators for staff and/or children, youth workers, trainers and mentors in spiritual formation
  • Therapists and trauma care specialists and trainers


We seek teachers of all age groups! Missionary teachers bring fresh training and perspectives to their local coworkers, and they often help bear the load by working in small groups or one-to-one with kids who need it. In addition to grade-level teachers, we welcome those with focus areas such as:

  • Special education
  • Mathematics
  • English as a Second/Foreign Language
  • Social studies and/or science
  • Bible
  • Physical education
  • Art and/or music
  • Computer use / IT
  • Curriculum development or support

Skilled Trades and Mentoring

We seek people with gifts and experience in skilled trades. While practicing their trade, they can also engage youth in our ministries as apprentices or teach groups in a “class” setting, giving our kids a marketable skill that helps them take another step toward independent adulthood. These missionaries can enter with specializations in:

  • Construction
  • Electric work and wiring
  • Wood or stone work
  • Tailoring or sewing
  • Agriculture
  • IT, computer repair
  • Sustainable and low environmental impact technologies

Project Management and Administration

Those who have skills in working with people as well as with detailed processes are immensely helpful as part of our ministry teams. These missionaries become:

  • Program directors
  • Project managers
  • Ministry startup managers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Team hosts
  • Team coordinators

Medical Staff

We seek people with medical training who can help care for our kids’ medical and hygiene needs. Medical staff are often able to uncover and treat health conditions while they are minor and manageable. They also do assessments of the health, hygiene, and educational needs of the communities we work in, to determine how we can partner with families to care for their kids.

What does it take to become a missionary?

Because KAI maintains the highest standards for those entrusted with the rescue and nurture of our kids, we look for the following characteristics in prospective missionaries:

In faith life:

  • Agree with our statement of faith
  • Having a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Demonstrate spiritual and emotional maturity, with a well-formed sense of identity in Jesus Christ
  • Be active participants in a Christ-professing church/community of faith
  • Have experience using their spiritual gifts and skills to serve their local church/community of faith

In personal and social life:

  • Have the willingness and humility to learn a new language, culture, and way of life
  • Demonstrate social maturity and the ability to form and grow relationships
  • Demonstrate the ability to resolve conflict in a Biblical manner, with grace and patience
  • Patiently adapt to continuously changing situations and people
  • Demonstrate a humble willingness to work under local leadership in the country of ministry
  • Manage sensitive situations with discretion and respect

In professional life:

  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrate successful employment or entrepreneurship experience
  • Demonstrate excellent team/group work experience
  • Demonstrate ability to motivate self and work independently within established guidelines
  • Demonstrate ability to organize complex information and changing situations
  • Be at least 18 years of age, have college or skilled trade program experience; degrees preferred

Have more questions? Contact our team by www.kidsalive.org/msyapp.

You can make a difference