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We know it's early...

Get ready to celebrate a joyous Christmas with your sponsored child!

We know it’s early, but it’s already time to start thinking about your child’s Christmas! We’ve prepared a special card for you to send them, and all you have to do is sign and return. And if you’d like to be part of the gift-giving and festive Christmas party at your child’s site, include a Treat Fund gift for holiday smiles!


Orchard Children’s Home

A place for bright futures to begin!

orchard13 croppedMore than half of the population of Peru exist on less than $2 a day, leaving hundreds of thousands of children desperately in need of care and destined to repeat the cycle of poverty. And it leaves countless kids in danger of child predators.

In the surrounding region of Pucallpa there is only one government-run children’s home serving a population of more than half a million people. And among this population, many children suffer from severe mental and physical disabilities or sexual abuse – needs that are difficult to address in the current environment.

The newly opened Orchard Children’s Home consists of family-style homes led by loving house parents. Each home cares for eight children as well as offering a quality education focused on preparing for independence, all with a Christian emphasis. Our goal is to provide residential care for 40 children at this home.

Our current projects include:

  • Constructing a third house on site
  • Drilling a new well
  • Purchasing some form of transportation

Kids Alive is setting a new standard in residential care!

Psalm 68:6 declares, “God sets the lonely in families…” Kids Alive International is committed to rescuing vulnerable children and setting them in families — not in impersonal orphanages or sterile dormitories, but in family-style homes where  they are  loved and nurtured by Christian house parents and grow up as sisters and brothers.  For a better look at how this concept is changing lives one home at a time, watch here and see it in action at Orchard  Children’s Home!

You can help today by…

Your support means that children in Pucallpa who have nowhere else to turn can be cared for in a loving Christian environment and can start the walk toward a bright future!

You can make a difference