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Waiting isn’t easy…help meet the needs of an at-risk child who’s waiting for a sponsor!

Kids Alive believes in the blessing of child sponsorship…

… but the process takes time. And a child’s needs for food, clothing, and counseling don’t take a break while we find sponsors. Give a gift to help bridge the gap between rescue and sponsorship, and pray with us for sponsors!


Manchay Oasis

Lima | Peru

Since 2003, Manchay Oasis School and Care Center outside Lima has been ministering to poor mothers and their young children. Homes in this area are often shacks made of cardboard or tin, and have no running water, sanitation, or electricity. Malnourishment, neglect, and abuse are rampant, and every year the number of kids coming to Oasis grows.

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Manchay Story

Hope Changes Everything at Manchay Oasis

Andrew* is a boy who has dealt with more than his share of hardship. He lives in a small wooden house with his mother and three siblings, two who attend Oasis Care Center with him and one who is mentally challenged and unable to attend school. Sadly, his mother bears the full burden of caring for the family since his father has no contact with them. Adding to the family pain, a relative was convicted of molesting Andrew’s sibling and is now serving time in prison.

His mother works hard as a nanny, but they are still very poor. But now that Andrew is attending school at Oasis, he has the opportunity for a good education that can help him break the cycle of poverty and violence that is so prevalent in the country. Our prayer is that as we show Andrew love, support, and acceptance, he and his family will be open to the message of the Gospel.

*name changed to protect privacy

How Kids Alive Cares for the Children

Rescuing Children

  • Caring for orphans and children in family-style settings
  • Providing Christian caregivers
  • Addressing physical, spiritual, and emotional needs

Giving the Gift of Education

  • Meeting individualized academic needs
  • Providing educational guidance
  • Encouraging secondary education and vocational training

Strengthening Communities

  • Meeting community needs to build strong ties
  • Addressing health care and disease prevention
  • Creating micro-enterprise solutions for economic development

Partner with Manchay Oasis

Site partnership allows for services that reach beyond the basics of what child sponsorship provides, supplying resources for trauma training and therapy, nutritionists, social workers, educational counselors, discipleship, and more.

Life at Manchay Oasis