rescue (v.) to free from confinement, danger, or evil; save or deliver

Our first mission is to rescue children – some from abandonment, some from traumatic abuse and exploitation, some at risk of dying from disease and starvation. The rescue might mean nutritional support, family intervention, removal from an unsafe home, and sometimes legal support in pursuing an abuser.

One of the first goals for a rescued child, no matter their background, is trust. Most of these kids carry scars that include not being able to trust adults, and so from the first hours that a child is with us we work toward building a relationship that comforts, reassures, and points the way to Jesus.

No matter what kind of rescue a child needs and longs for, your gifts are there making sure we can offer safety, hope, and a path forward!

“In your distress, you called and I rescued you.”
Psalm 81:7 (NIV)

You can make a difference