Abraham Abraham* is a child who needed support at a critical point in his life. He lives in a run-down house with his mother and grandmother, who both make very little money working as maids. A few years ago, his father was sent to prison, and though he was released, he stays in hiding from people who are angry with him. Abraham can occasionally go visit his father in the countryside, but that doesn’t make up for the lack of his presence at home. Between their poverty and the family upheaval, Abraham was struggling in many ways. When he first came to our school, he was quite behind his classmates academically and wouldn’t communicate much. His teachers would comment that it was like a shell of a child sitting in a chair.

We began to see a difference in him when his class started praying daily for God to work in his father’s life. Those prayers were changing Abraham! He is now interested in learning, pays attention in class, and completes all his homework with excellence. An affectionate boy, he loves his fellow students and is very responsive to the guidance from our teachers. It’s amazing to see how he has grown, and we are thankful that we’ve been able to be part of that. Our prayer is that Abraham will continue to lean on Jesus and trust Him with his future.

*name changed to protect privacy