From the time Lisbeth* came to Fountain of Living Water School, she seemed uninterested in learning, often staring off in a daze. She was visibly malnourished, with thin hair and protruding bones. When given food, she ate slowly and awkwardly, struggled to breathe normally, and was lethargic. Her teacher would try to get her involved but had to call her name several times to get a response. However, it was obvious that she wanted to be involved, because she came to school early looking for direction each day. Sadly, when she tried to join in activities, other students got frustrated with repeating themselves and began to avoid her. She cried almost daily.

But one day, her life changed! School staff took her to several doctors out of concern, finally seeing an ENT specialist in the capital city. Constant ear infections and structural problems had stolen most of her hearing and caused many of the other health problems she had experienced. After suffering in silence, unable to sleep, eat, or communicate well, Lisbeth needed three surgeries to clear her airways and restore her hearing. Once she recovered, it was as if the whole world opened!

She was soon full of energy, playing, laughing, and catching up with her peers academically. At home, her mother saw a huge difference in her, and marveled at the changes. Without Kids
Alive, Lisbeth would likely have lost all hearing and been left with no education or hope for the future. But now she dreams of becoming a doctor and helping others get the kind of help that changed her life.

*name changed to protect privacy