Rick arrived at Mt. Everest Base Camp yesterday (04/11)! You can see him photo holding Kids Alive flag at 17,500 feet above sea level, a flag that will travel with him to the summit of Mt Everest in the third week of May.

It took Rick and his team members 11 days to trek for Lukla to Everest Base Camp as shown in this map. Along the way they stopped in small villages for meals and overnight stays.

As you can see from Rick’s photo of the Base Camp, the accommodations are luxurious – a fancy hotel with hot showers, spas, room-service and fine Italian dining! Ha! Actually, to the contrary, Rick and the mountaineers will live a rustic life in these tents for the next three weeks as they acclimatize to the rarified high altitude air, the cold, and unpredictable weather conditions, before launching out on the final assault to Mt Everest’s peak. There is one thing that will dominate their horizon, defining every moment of their next three week stay here. That is Mt Everest, seen in the middle of the photo.

Rick is dedicated to raising $1.00 for every one of the 29,035 feet he will climb to the top of the world’s highest summit, with the hopes of putting smiles on the faces of children scaling their own difficult journeys.