Lola* comes from a dysfunctional family where she learned that the best way to survive is to run away, fight, or cry uncontrollably. Her family didn’t have the skills or tools needed to understand how unstable the situation was or how to change it. We also noticed that Lola struggled to manage her fears or frustrations without hurting others. But through the social/emotional trauma care program at school, she now has safe adults that she can go to when she has a problem.

Lola now visits with an assigned adult several times a day to see how she is doing emotionally, and to talk through any problematic situations and how to resolve them. And she knows that she can ask to leave her classroom and find a safe adult in any emergency that arises. Lola has very sensitive hearing due to some chronic ear infections, and our staff was able to recognize that this was affecting her, causing more outbursts. Noise-blocking headphones have allowed her to stay in the classroom successfully, and she is improving daily. It’s amazing to see the difference that happens when a child in need receives truly personalized care and love!

*name changed to protect privacy