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We’re almost there!

Join hands with our kids and our Spring Match donors to put every single dollar to work!

In each of the countries where Kids Alive serves, children and families have been deeply impacted by economic downturns and unrest during the global pandemic. Generous donors have offered to match your relief gift dollar-for-dollar, bringing food, hygiene supplies, and the love of Jesus to hurting kids.

And your gift can be the one that puts us over the top!


A love for learning is shared by all of our students at Ark Constanza Home and School. Interactive lessons from learning language skills, history, geography, and science to mastering computers, all reflect the quality of the education. Discussion groups keep students engaged and included in conversations as tactile tools like exercise balls become a regular part of educational learning. For some, lunch and soccer during recess may just be another routine, but to a Kids Alive student, these routines instill hope, joy, and restoration.