Students at ANIJA celebrate "El Major Regalo" or "The Best Gift" at their local church Christmas celebrations. Some of the kids are dressed up as angels, another is dressed up as Mary, while an older one narrates the Christmas story. Christmas celebrations in our churches are simple and conclude with a dinner together. Many of the Kids Alive staff are actively involved in this church which further deepens our ties to the children and their community.  

ANIJA teachers and staff join the children for Christmas festivities in an evening full of games, laughter, and great food at the annual Christmas dinner. The staff chip in to decorate the campus, creating a beautiful venue in an area usually full of kids playing four-square and hopscotch. The celebrations begin with a time of worship and a devotional to keep all hearts focused on the true reason for the joy and celebration. A wild game of “White Elephant” gift exchange is a favorite,  complete with unusual items and gift “stealing”! One truly experiences and senses the "ANIJA family" during evenings such as these, full of laughter, love, and fellowship.