Well. This is my first blog as President of Kids Alive. In fact, it is my first blog post ever.

I admit to resisting doing this. Because the implication of writing a blog is that I matter. On one hand, I confess that I believe I matter deeply because I matter to Jesus. Just as Jesus cares about what happens to you, Jesus actually cares about what happens to me. He deeply cares about each of us and that is very comforting. I believe I matter to my family and I believe I matter to those whose lives I have had the privilege of engaging in meaningful ways.

But as far as this ministry goes, I matter very little. Almost twelve years in Guatemala taught me that God is perfectly able to accomplish His goals with me or without me. How did He teach me that?

First, when looking back on when I arrived in Guatemala, I had no idea what I was doing. Recognizing that has always been one gift that I have always been grateful to God for giving me, I started asking questions about why these kids acted so differently than other kids – even other Guatemalan kids I knew. Their reactions and behaviors were just strange. I was lost.

No matter how you may personally feel about NPR, I will be forever grateful for the September 14, 2012 episode of This American Life. I had to pull off the road to take notes as it was the first time I heard the word “trauma” and its impact on how children learn, react, and develop. As they talked about kids I remember saying “that is Maria”, “that is Ana”, etc. Me being in the U.S. for that day, listening to NPR at that hour (it was football Saturday!), and that episode being played is a God thing. I have no doubt. Those notes revolutionized how KA-Guatemala worked. And I found those notes were validated in the Bible. It led us to create something special, something biblical, and something worthy of your support.

Second, He has taught me that He will assemble the team we need when we need it and where we need it. People often asked me when they have come to KA-Guatemala where I found such awesome people. I always told them I had no idea. God brought them and gave me the wisdom to say “yes”.

I remember vividly when we were looking for a new (and only) social worker. A very soft-spoken and, strangely, blond Guatemalan came for an interview. I was about to pass on her because I was looking for a fighter. But the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask a question about a specific judge. She gave me what I came to call the “Rosalva lip purse”. I then saw the lion in this woman who would go on to create a program that has impacted Guatemala, Central America, and the world of Kids Alive.

Third, I am leaving Guatemala and will be replaced by a better leader than me. That is not humility but fact. I have no doubt about that. We never considered a North American because now is the time for Latin American leadership in Latin America and Guatemala. We have already hired an extraordinary man to be Latin American Regional Director. I have known Vinicio Zuquino for several years. The first time I met Vinicio, the Holy Spirit told me “he will replace you when you leave.” November 2, that became reality.

All in all, I take the role of President knowing any impact I can make is only by His power and His guidance. I have learned that God will find who He wants to lead. God will find who He wants to create programs. God will do what He wants to do. And that is indeed a comforting thought.