While Kids Alive ministry focuses on children, we are firmly committed to – and love to – reunify children with their families and strengthen families of the children we serve.

We are finding more opportunities to reunify children in our residential ministries with their families, using various ways to promote and maintain connection and rehabilitation.

Though the process is often long and challenging, with many stops and starts, the joy of reuniting a child with a safe and rehabilitated biological family member is full of blessing and joy.

In the years prior to coming to Ark Jarabacoa, siblings Juan* and Rosa* had been kidnapped by their estranged father and constantly lived under the threat of violence and neglect. The Ark became a refuge for the two young children while their mother began a four-year process of rehabilitation and finding safe refuge from her violent ex-spouse.

During the years apart, their mom developed a stable income and a secure home far away from her estranged husband. We were able to promote a loving connection between her and her sons, and the children developed a sincere desire to be with her despite the neglect and abuse that occurred previously.

When reunification was finally possible, the benefits to the boys were apparent, including improvement in their behavior and grades.

Recently, a Kids Alive social worker made his routine visit to the family. Though the pandemic has been hard as the children have had to study at home while their mom goes out to work, the family is generally well. And our supportive and encouraging relationship remains intact. At the end of the visit, Juan playfully asked when he could visit his friends at the Ark!

*Names changed

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