While Kids Alive ministry focuses on children, we are firmly committed to and love to reunify children with their families and strengthen the families of the children we serve. We invite or rescue children and youth from hard circumstances and help them to grow up well, and our kids themselves often become instruments of blessing to their families and communities.  

Constanza School is actively strengthening families via these initiatives:  

  • Meal delivery to families impacted by the pandemic
  • Social workers visiting homes to understand children and their families’ conditions and needs
  • School supplies and, where needed, desks for children to study at home more comfortably
  • Coordination of communication between families and teachers while promoting parental involvement

Additionally, we have created further support for families, including:  

  • A spiritual “spa” for mothers to connect via WhatsApp for short lessons on being better moms and wives
  • Parent meetings to inform and train on various topics covering spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and academic health and lessons on ​better parenting
  • Help with specific health and dental care needs and improving physical living conditions

Our psychologist sent audio recordings expounding the Scriptures during the pandemic with an invitation to the children to live like Christ. Pamphlets were sent out, and a training day is being planned around “The art of being parents.” 

Though all this work is hard and complicated, we know that stronger and healthier families will provide a better base of long-term help for the children we serve – and create a better community in Constanza and beyond.  

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