Strengthened families, thriving children 

Kids Alive ministry focuses on children, but we also invest in strengthening families so children can thrive. We invite or rescue children and youth from challenging circumstances and help them to grow up well, and the children themselves often become instruments of blessing to their families. 

In our Santo Domingo North School, we specifically strengthen families through prayer and providing essential food and, at times, medical help. Before the pandemic, we also hosted family worship in our “chapel” space at the school.   

The work of strengthening families involves all of our staff. Often, one staff member recognizes a need and, according to the issue, communicates with appropriate staff; they then come together as a team to support the family. 

In some instances, we can help with direct counseling. Once, while teaching from the Ten Commandments about “Do not kill,” one of our students, the youngest in her family, became very anxious and began to cry. A further inquiry in private by our teacher led the young girl to explain that her father had threatened to kill her mother on several occasions.  

We began helping the family; this included visits from the school psychologist to the child’s home, providing counseling, Biblical guidance, and praying for them. Thanks to God, there has been a significant improvement. 

In another case, the father of a student was thinking of committing suicide, and the family called us. We began praying and guided the family, which included helping them find medical assistance. When the father was hospitalized, we took food for the family on various occasions and spent time with them. The father is still in treatment but is improving. Thanks be to God! 

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