Strengthened families, thriving children 

Kids Alive ministry focuses on children and also supports strengthening their families so that children can thrive. We invite or rescue children and youth from hard circumstances and help them to grow up well, and the children themselves often become instruments of blessing in their families and beyond.  

One important way to help a child is to help their caregivers. Regular activities such as parenting classes or school events help guide and encourage better parenting practices. Additionally, our campuses have increasing counseling ability to provide direct help.  

Finally, the pandemic has increased our contact with families as we distributed homework, food, and devotions via visiting families of our students. A few examples of family assistance in the last six months include: 

  • Helping Jose’s* family start a small home-based business to improve their income and have more time together as a family.  
  • Praying with, comforting, and providing food to Anibel’s* mom during a severe time of COVID-19, which led her to start attending a church. 
  • Encouraging parents and caregivers to engage with their children and help with homework during this time of distance learning, leading to more collaborative educational efforts. 
  • Grief and marital reconciliation counseling for the family of eleven-year-old David*, who lost an elder brother six months ago to a long-term illness.  

Though helping and strengthening families is hard and often has many stops and starts, the rewards are many. We also know the benefits may go on for many generations.

*Names changed. 

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