We recently asked some of the young ladies at Oasis and Casa Ester, “What do your sponsors mean to you?” Their answers were encouring but not surprising. Thank you for all of the loving and generous support and encouragement that you give these young ladies. You are making a wonderful difference in the ministry at Kids Alive Guatemala and specifically in the hearts of these excellent young people. 

Maribel Gracias Padrinos!

“To me, my sponsors mean a lot because when we have problems they pray for us and support us spiritually. Even though they are not with us physically, they support us from a distance by always sending cards and sharing with us what they are doing. That shows us that they are interested in us and even though we are not their daughters, we are important to them. I am thankful for the attention and interest that they show us when we send them cards.”
—Yasmin, 16

“Our sponsors are wonderful people used by God to pray and encourage us without expecting anything in return. They always give whatever they can to support us and to show us the love of God more than just anyone would freely give another person. I think our sponsors are wonderful people — generous, loving and utilized by God.”
—Andrea, 18

“My sponsors help me in many ways. They provide financial assistance for my school, and because of them I feel like I have more opportunities to learn and grow. I am grateful for the love that my sponsors share with me. They are a blessing.”
—Daniela, 16

A special thank you from Oasis and Casa Ester:

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