Finding out what works… and doing more of it

Twelve years ago I interviewed Rosalva Alvarado to be our new social worker at Kids Alive Guatemala’s Oasis ministry. She was so unassuming I almost did not hire her. When I asked a question about how she felt children were treated in the court system, I immediately saw the fire she had for justice. I hired her on the spot.

Neither of us had any idea the impact she would make in Oasis, Guatemala, and all of Kids Alive International. You can read more in this newsletter how she pioneered a new model of care, which we call Safe Haven.

Our incredible teams of social workers, psychologists, lawyers, teachers, nurses, and house parents are focused on creating safe havens for children focused on two outcomes.

Justice for a child is more than a court outcome. I have learned that no matter the circumstances, what a child wants most is a family. A forever family.

No matter how difficult, our Safe Haven Champions work to strengthen homes, heal broken families, or find alternative families to ensure that each child has a healthy home. And we know that God is in it as we see His fruit.

What Rosalva started is not only impacting Guatemala, but also Peru as we have built out the Safe Haven model there, and it is spreading to our entire ministry. All from the vision God gave Rosalva.

I am honored to support incredible people like Rosalva, whose innovations are changing Guatemala, Peru, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Zambia, and Lebanon.

Corbey Dukes