Kids Alive Schools Around the World

(2021 enrollment numbers)
Dominican Republic

ANIJA School
Pre-K to 9th Grade - 420 students

Constanza School
Pre-K to 8th Grade - 190 students

Eva Russell School
Pre-K to 10th Grade - 230 students

Palo Blanco School
Pre-K to 12th Grade - 310 students

Park School
Pre-K to 6th Grade - 180 students

Santo Domingo North School
Pre-K to 5th Grade - 220 students

Santo Domingo East School
Pre-K to 6th Grade - 160 students

Haiti Children’s Village and School
Pre-K to 9th Grade - 216 students

Hall Mead School
Pre-K to 8th Grade - 308 students

Dar El Awlad School
Pre-K to 6th Grade - 127 students

<strong>ANIJA School </strong></br>Pre-K to 9th Grade - 420 students

Kids Alive Academy
Pre-K to 7th Grade - 523 students

Fulfilling Global Goals

At Kids Alive, our education programs, like all our programs, center on our four global goals and our Kids Alive values.

Even in the classroom, we focus on helping children enjoy a vibrant life-changing relationship with God through prayer and discipleship. Our nutrition and medical interventions, as well as our staff trauma training, help children experience emotional and physical well-being. And of course, our education programs are centered on equipping children for a life of independence and service. That’s why education includes teaching our values from 2 Peter so that children are equipped with healthy ways to respond to the world. Finally, our programs are constantly seeking ways to impact communities and systems.