In June, the Constanza School in the Dominican Republic hosted Kids Alive’s inaugural Neurofeedback training session. Drs. Lanier, David Fly, and their team from Fly Family Therapy and Neurotherapy in Virginia donated their time, resources, and expertise to instruct fourteen KA employees and missionaries. Thanks to this team, KA programs in Peru, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic will use neurofeedback as part of their care plans for children with challenging symptoms.

Neurofeedback can address various brain dysregulation problems, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, behavior disorders, learning difficulties, and sleep issues. Many at-risk and traumatized children suffer these conditions and will benefit from the therapy.

Here’s how it works. Neurofeedback therapy specialists strategically place brainwave monitoring activity sensors on the scalp according to symptoms. A computer interface gives the child feedback, showing their subconscious brainwave frequencies on screen. Eventually, through gaming-like interaction, the child trains their brain to prefer specific frequencies that make them feel calmer. As a result, the nervous system becomes more regulated, and negative symptoms reduce.

A KA residential program psychologist boasted, “I don’t have words to express how wonderful this training was. From the commitment of Dr. Fly’s team, their amazing ability to teach to the incredible benefits of neurofeedback, every second was worthwhile. The benefits this will bring to the ministry will be magnificent.”

Each participating country was gifted a neurofeedback therapy system and set up so they could apply it immediately. Plus, they will continue receiving weekly supervision from Dr. Fly’s team. We are thankful for them and God’s provision of the latest and greatest ways to support the children in our ministry.