Kids Alive in Africa

We’re serving at-risk children and orphans in four countries on the African continent. Each country presents unique needs and challenges, and our many and varied programs reflect those differences.


Ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Zambia has suffered devastating economic hardship and millions of children tragically left orphaned by the disease. A crippling child mortality rate gives us urgency as we work among children left vulnerable to hunger and exploitation.

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Despite being one of the most modern and stable countries in Africa, many children in Kenya are vulnerable to hunger, disease, lack of adequate medical care and education, and exploitation. We’re rescuing girls and boys one at a time and giving them hope.

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Sudan is one of the most politically and economically unstable countries in the world. In this country ravaged by years of civil war and poverty, we’re reaching children with medical care, nutritional support, and the hope they can find in Christ.

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South Sudan

South Sudan is a country overwhelmed by refugees, disease, hunger, and lack of medical care. Many children turn to the streets to survive, becoming victims of unspeakable abuse, but we’re rescuing and ministering to these boys and girls in Jesus’ name.

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