Connect with Your Child

As a Kids Alive Child Sponsor, you have the joy and privilege of sharing your love and Christ’s love with your child! As your relationship grows, so do your opportunities to encourage and promote your child’s emotional and spiritual well-being. Through regular mail and email correspondence with your child, you can stimulate learning, build confidence and self esteem, and emphasize the importance of a growing and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Write your child:

Download Sponsorship Stationery and send a card or letter for your child to:

Kids Alive International
P.O. Box 528
Alpharetta GA 30009-0528

Email your child today!

Important things to note:
  • Your sponsored child will write to you at least two times a year. However, he or she will be unable to reply directly to your email communications.
  • Please do not send (or forward) any e-cards, photos, or attachments of any kind.
  • Photos are certainly welcome if sent by regular mail. Please remember to avoid photos which draw attention to economic differences between you and your child (e.g., houses, cars, etc.)
  • To protect your privacy and your child’s privacy, your letters will be routed to the Kids Alive International USA office where they will be properly translated (if needed).
  • You are encouraged to correspond (letters or emails) as often as you like. However, please keep your correspondence brief, keeping in mind the allotted time and process translation requires.
  • To ensure timely delivery of your correspondence, it is necessary for you to include your child’s first name and ID number in each letter or email.

Thank you for taking an interest in your child’s life. They will certainly enjoy hearing from you!

You can make a difference