What is a Student Champion?

For you:

Becoming a Student Champion means encouragement and financial support for an individual student in a Kids Alive School. Once you sign up to be a student champion, a child in need of support will be chosen for you.

As a student champion, you will receive the following:

  • Welcome kit with an individual student’s bio and photo
  • Write a brief message to the student you support
  • Receive updates from your student twice a year
  • Opportunity to give a special birthday and Christmas gift with the Treat Fund
  • Newsletters to learn about Kids Alive’s global impact
  • Timely annual tax receipt online or in the mail
  • Closure communication when it’s time to celebrate your student’s departure or graduation

For a student:

Attending a Kids Alive school means that a student attends a school with trauma-responsive staff and an opportunity to hear about the love of God.

Your giving helps provide this student with the following:

  • Discipleship and Counseling
  • Quality education and tutoring
  • Nourishing daily meals
  • School uniforms
  • Medical care