Residential Children's Homes

The first and still most critical Kids Alive ministry programs are residential homes for children, where needy children live together in family units with several other children and their own Christian house parents. In this way children can experience — often for the first time – what it means to have their physical needs met while also experiencing the love and warmth of a family. Multiple residential homes are often grouped together as an extended community of Kids Alive kids.

In every case our ministries are designed to meet the needs of children within the context of the society where they live. Children in our homes are cared for from infancy through young adulthood, and so are prepared to become responsible and independent members of society. Following high school graduation, many of our children pursue higher education in local colleges and universities to become professionals such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, and engineers. 

Residential Home Locations:

Dominican Republic
Ark Constanza
Harmony House
Ark Jarabacoa
Casa Monte Plata

House of Hope Children's Home

Beirut Boys Home
Serenity Girls Home 

Casa Ester
The Oasis

Haiti Children's Village

Residential homes
Guatemalan girls
Featured Program
Oasis Girls' Home, Guatemala
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Karundas Children’s Homes
Kids Alive Boys’ Center
Nyamarambe Children’s Home
Nyando Children’s Home

Juniper Tree Children's Home
Andahuaylas Children’s Home
Pucallpa Children's Home

The Boys’ Hope Center

South Sudan

Good Shepherd Home

Home of Onesiphorus

Lilato Children’s Homes
Chikondi Children’s Home

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