In the remote region of Zapote, poverty is a reality for most of the people. Crops are hard to grow, jobs scarce and low-paying, and many children do not attend school. Daniella’s* story is one of hope in a bleak situation. She lives with her parents, siblings, and grandparents in a small house, and they must live on the small, irregular income from her father’s work. Because of their poor living conditions, Daniella’s health often suffers and she struggles with lung function.

But now that she is attending Source of Hope, she receives daily nutritious meals that are helping her to grow stronger. The quality education and attentive care by our staff are giving Daniella the opportunity for a brighter future, in a country where girls are often undervalued. Her teachers comment that she is a good example to the other children, interacting well with her fellow classmates. We rejoice that she is growing in her own faith and is committed to following God’s path for her life.

*name changed to protect privacy