Marta’s* story began with unimaginable heartbreak and pain. As a young girl, she suffered years of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hands of people who should have protected her. She was in a group home when her care was transferred to Kids Alive. When she arrived at Oasis, she would spend long periods of time crying or lashing out in anger, and then would withdraw, not trusting anyone. Because she could not see well, nearly blind in one eye, Marta believed she was stupid and would never be able to complete an education. Her whole life seemed hopeless.

God has done a miraculous work in her. Consistent love and attention, along with psychological therapy, slowly began to help her break down defenses and begin the long process of healing from her past. Corrective lenses have given her confidence that she can succeed, and she is beginning to recover lost ground from so many years out of school. In the past year, Marta has emerged as a natural leader who speaks honestly to her peers and shows great self-motivation. And she finally feels accepted by her Oasis family and mentor family who have poured into her life. Most importantly, she says to the other girls at Oasis, “If God can change me and my life, He can change yours.”

*name changed to protect privacy