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Day of Prayer

By Sanjay Sojwal | October 30, 2019

Every year Kids Alive offices around the globe set aside a day to praise and thank God for His blessings. …

Joyous Reconnection with Friends and Classmates

By Sanjay Sojwal | October 29, 2019

With summer vacation behind them, children eagerly return to school to reconnect with their friends and begin a new school …

Survivors to Thrivers!

By Sanjay Sojwal | October 29, 2019

At Casa Ester these young survivors get a second chance at life. The quiet surroundings, sustained abuse and trauma counseling, …

Learning to Rely on God Through Prayer

By Sanjay Sojwal | October 29, 2019

When the usually cheerful Meredith* arrived at the discipleship group looking distraught, everyone noticed the missing smile on her face. …

New Beginnings- Back to School, New Mentors, and Even Guardians!

By Sanjay Sojwal | October 29, 2019

After summer vacation, school starts with hope and new beginnings. Young students exuberantly regale their friends with their vacation adventures; …

Liliana, “God’s Work of Art”

By Sanjay Sojwal | October 29, 2019

Liliana* grew up in a seemingly “healthy” family, but she held a dark and painful secret. One day Liliana began …

Celebrations at Park School

By Sanjay Sojwal | October 2, 2019

The school year ended with the little ones graduating from their class before the summer vacation in July. August saw …

Palo Blanco and CoSchedule

By Elva Cabrera | September 27, 2019

This is text for the Palo Blanco and CoSchedule to test.

Evan’s Choice: Become A Teacher or a Businessperson?

By Sanjay Sojwal | September 27, 2019

Evan* is conflicted, and it’s over a serious issue. After all, it concerns his future when he grows up. But …

Vacation Was a Blast, But So Is Return To School!

By Sanjay Sojwal | September 24, 2019

While summer vacation was a blast, kids enjoyed being back in school! “The first day of class, a place where …

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