Strengthened families, thriving children

While Kids Alive ministry focuses on children, we are as firmly committed to strengthening families. We invite or rescue children and youth from hard circumstances and help them to grow up well, and the children themselves often become instruments of blessing.

In our schools like Palo Blanco, another important way to help a child is to help their caregivers. Regular activities such as parenting classes or school events let us guide and encourage the child’s caregivers, and we are increasing our counseling ability to provide direct help.

Recently a student’s mom sought help after noting that her 13-year-old daughter had changed from an outgoing, socially active youth, to one with a somber and isolated demeanor.

The parents were going through relational difficulties, and in the tiny home, their children were exposed to their fierce arguments. The teenager often tried to serve as an intermediary and would step in to argue with her dad.

Our counselors interviewed and counseled each family member, except for the father, on several occasions. We also provided therapeutic activities for the family. The teenager now better understands her role to honor her parents despite their shortcomings and not feel accountable for everyone’s actions and well-being.

Her mother reports that her daughter has returned to being her usual outgoing self and has resumed going to church.

We love to play a role in strengthening families in our communities and build trust over time; we help individuals and the communities they live in to be better and safer places for children. We also realize that the blessings of strengthened families continue for generations.

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