GabyLike many of the children we serve, Gaby* is originally from Haiti, and lives with her family in poverty. Haitian families in Dominican Republic often experience discrimination and struggle to find jobs or quality education. Living in a small storefront where her father sells his metal work to tourists, her family has no running water or reliable electricity. Since they are among the poorest in the village, they struggle just to have enough to eat, making it impossible to pay for school tuition or other resources.

Now that she is at Kids Alive, Gaby is a thriving student! She has grown in confidence and maturity, quick to help anyone at home or school. A natural leader, she participates enthusiastically in all activities, loves to be part of a group, and is respectful to her teachers. Her goal is to continue studying hard so that she can one day become a doctor. Most importantly, she is learning more about Jesus, and she asks for prayer that she will love Him more every day and trust Him to take care of her family.

*name changed to protect privacy