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Read about our country responses and our prayers for you!

Kids Alive is praying for you during this time as you pray for our work around the world

We’re working hard to keep our kids and staff safe and well-fed during the coronavirus pandemic, but shortages of food and hygiene supplies are already occurring, and costs are skyrocketing. We know that you’re feeling it too – let’s pray for each other and work toward protecting the most vulnerable!

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Category:Recess Fun

Language and Sports Round Out the Day!

02/19/20 By:

Fun, Games, and Family Time

02/18/20 By:

Sports Provide Fun and Teach Teamwork

02/18/20 By:

Glimpses of Joy!

12/19/19 By:

Here are some photos of children having fun during their school recess as well as teachers posing for photos with …

Vacation Was a Blast, But So Is Return To School!

09/24/19 By:

While summer vacation was a blast, kids enjoyed being back in school! “The first day of class, a place where …

Smiles – Reflecting Back God’s Love

09/05/19 By:

Kids Alive strives to make every site a place where children can experience love, joy, and friendships, laying a foundation …

School Recesses Are Fun

08/28/19 By:

At Kids Alive we strongly believe in holistic education for children’s all-round development. Children coming from poor neighborhoods with no …

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