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Preschoolers Mark Culture Day with Colorful Pageantry and a Skit!

11/22/19 By:

Preschoolers at Palo Blanco marked Dominican Republic’s Culture Day with colorful skits to celebrate the country’s diversity, reconciliation, and the …

Class Presentations Affirm Children’s Achievements, Expand Worldview

11/22/19 By:

Recognition and presentation of the children’s work affirm the children and their intellectual growth. Expanding a child’s worldview beyond the …

New Students Get Into the School’s Rhythms

10/30/19 By:

New Kids at Santo Domingo North In early September, 25 new students joined our school! The newest class of three-year-olds was chosen from …

Play, Pray and Display

10/30/19 By:

Children play, pray, and proudly display their artwork.

Day of Prayer

10/30/19 By:

Every year Kids Alive offices around the globe set aside a day to praise and thank God for His blessings. …

Joyous Reconnection with Friends and Classmates

10/29/19 By:

With summer vacation behind them, children eagerly return to school to reconnect with their friends and begin a new school …

Palo Blanco and CoSchedule

09/27/19 By:

This is text for the Palo Blanco and CoSchedule to test.

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