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Christmas Celebrations!

01/28/20 By:

In the Dominican Republic, Christmas celebrations start on 25 December and finishes on Three Kings Day on January 6th. Children …

Teachers as Positive Adult Role Models for Students

01/28/20 By:

Kids Alive’s dedicated teachers not only educate children but also serve as adult Christian role models for the children to …

Sumptuous Breakfast and Presents Mark Three Kings Celebrations!

01/28/20 By:

Scooters and skateboard presents were the most popular this year, turning the basketball court into a riding field!

Three Kings Day Celebrated with Presents!

01/28/20 By:

While it is customary in the United States to exchange presents on Christmas Day, in the Dominican Republic, Three Kings …

Graduations, Baptisms and Bible Studies!

01/28/20 By:

Graduations, Baptisms and Bible studies – all in a day’s work at Casa Ester! Natalia Graduates in Accounting   Our …

Baptisms, Bible Studies and Ice Creams!

01/28/20 By:

A baptism at Oasis is a special event that brings our girls, young women, and their children together to celebrate …

Teacher’s Retreat Affirms Their Contribution

01/28/20 By:

Teachers Not Only Teach But Model Jesus’ Love Our teachers have a far higher calling than just teaching, they also …

Sports, Education, and Nutritious Meals Lay a Strong Foundation for Children’s Overall Growth

12/12/19 By:

Our children come from densely populated city barrios, so a field, even a small one, is a source of delight …

Celebrations – A Teacher Counts Her Blessings, Our Kids Celebrate Children’s Day!

11/22/19 By:

Teacher Counts Her Blessings!   This was Glancy’s first year teaching at Source of Hope. Previously she worked at a convenience …


Parent Teacher Conference and a Display of Nifty Uniforms

11/22/19 By:

The students at Anija School are excited and proud to show off their colorful uniforms and backpacks. As parent-teacher conferences …

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